Auditel launches recruitment drive

Auditel, one of the UK's largest franchised networks of cost management consultants, is actively recruiting a franchise network in Ireland.

Chris Allison, Auditel Managing Director, explains: 'There's no getting away from it: businesses are expensive to run, and for organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, they are often more expensive than they could be. Many are paying much more than they should for their essential business costs.

'Firstly, because it can sometimes be hard to know exactly where to start, and then, even when you do know where you might be overspending, many companies can't afford the time it takes to get those essential business costs under control.'

So many organisations turn for help to outsourced consultants like Auditel who manage expenditure of well over £100 million of essential services - communications, utilities, facilities management, and premises costs. Savings can be huge and since franchisees usually earn 50 per cent of those savings, many are enjoying not only their work but also a healthy bank balance.

UK newcomer Graham Wood reports: 'The initial training I received was outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough of the team and the course content. Even after the initial training, the ongoing support has been exceptional.' Franchisees in Ireland will receive the same high level of training and support as their mainland counterparts. Allison confirms this could well be the perfect home-based franchise opportunity for those seeking a new challenge. He's waiting to hear from interested parties to fill the remaining ten places for 2006.