Property insurance claims and repair management franchise Aspray proves to be in a profitable industry.

The Irish insurance industry paid out €882 million in the four largest ever recorded natural disasters in Ireland between 2009 and 2011.

“All our data shows that the frequency of natural disasters is increasing. There is no doubt at all about that,” said Ray Kinsella, Professor of Banking and Financial Services at UCD.

Sound like a profitable industry to be working in? Over 60 operators of an Aspray franchise in both the UK and Ireland believe it is.

Since 2005, this property insurance claims and repair management network are a one-stop-shop for people who have suffered damage to their property and want to claim on their insurance. Storms, floods, fire, theft, vandalism or just accidents are regular causes for property damage which Aspray look after on a daily basis. Putting people’s lives back together as well as their buildings makes this a truly satisfying business for franchise owners who take pride in their profession.

Only three territories available in Southern Ireland including: Mid West, Midlands and North East.