Frequently Asked Questions

Franchisors tap into their years of experience to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by people looking at becoming franchise owners

What is the main advantage of investing in a franchise over starting a business independently? Joining an established franchise that has developed a ‘tried and tested system’ of working means that you don’t have to go through the painful process of learning by the experience of making mistakes. A good franchisor will have developed and documented the best practices of both its pilot operation and then its most successful franchisees. Having immediate access to those best practices should mean that you become successful more quickly than you would if you started up as a standalone business.

Mandy Sutch, Recruitment Manager for Revive!

Is it possible for me to buy into a franchise and still input my own ideas on my business
When you buy into a franchise you are buying into a proven business model – in fact some would argue that what you are doing is leasing a business system from the franchisor. By doing this, what you are getting is a system, a brand, trademark protection, training, ongoing franchisor assistance and marketing collateral etc. – a smorgasbord of support to help you achieve (if not surpass) your ambitions as a franchise owner. However, a good franchising is a marriage – a coming together of two parties with different but complementary skills where the support package of the franchisor augments the ambition and drive of the franchise owner. Part of that marriage is learning from each other and encouraging franchise owners to come up and test new ideas to grow and develop their business, which, when proven to work, can be turned into ‘best practice’ and delivered to the network.
Nigel Toplis, Managing Director of The Bardon Group

How would a franchisor help me to build my business (if at all)
In the case of Suit the City, we offer full support in your first three months. This includes anything from helping you to develop your marketing plans, to negotiating cheaper advertising space and even designing adverts for you. As part of our training we even come out to show you ‘how it’s done’, this includes going networking with you, doing marketing events and shows and even meeting your first clients with you, so that you get the best start possible. All this support aims to ensure your success from day one.
Carol Rawson, Director of Suit the City