Ark Recycling

At the forefront of environmental research is independent company, Ark Recycling. Its aim is to research and develop better and more efficient ways of recycling waste products while at the same time complying with Waste Management Regulations.

Ark Recycling operates a Recovery & Recycle facility which is licensed by Kildare County Council and also approved by the United Nations Environmental Body for World Use. Its services can be tailored to suit the needs of the customer, providing either regular or one off collections at various types of businesses such as factories, shops, distribution centres, garages, restaurants, printers and public bodies.

Ark Recycling process has been proven to be economically viable, sustainable, and available to the masses. Its facilities can recycle a huge range of products from metals, cardboard, plastics, office equipment, white goods, jewellery, industrial machinery and much more.

As a result of its collaboration with UK design company Advance Recycling Technologies Ltd, Ark Recycling can offer its long established and proven technology that creates high quality Biofuels and recyclables from mixed household and commercial wastes without any need for prior separation. This technology can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills by 90 per cent and eliminate the need for mass burn incinerators. From the Biofuels produced Ark Recycling has the potential to generate electricity for use on site or for input into the national grid.

The need for landfills and incinerators will soon be unnecessary due to the advancement in recycling technology. Waste can be utilised to make products such as garden furniture, gates, sheds, decking or even railway sleepers. These are just some of the many examples of what can be made out of home, office or supermarket waste, instead of sending it off to a landfill.

Ark Recycling has developed Plastic Lumber a modern, clean and environmentally friendly alternative to cutting down our natural forests. This new material does not crack, rot, splinter, is waterproof, stain resistant and impervious to insects. It is also cheaper, lasts longer and requires less maintenance then wood and helps saving the need for landfills.

Ark Recycling can supply Plastic Lumber to individual customers or supply potential franchise owners with a fully operational plant to produce its own Plastic Lumber from waste. Ark Recycling is now offering joint venture agreements with local authorities whereby existing landfill sites can be transformed into clean green Plastic Lumber production units. Providing local sustainable employment and at the same time improving the landscape of the area, getting rid of vermin, the odours and ending the flow of methane gas and toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Ark Recycling is always looking for people to become part of its growing franchise, which works towards a cleaner, greener, secure and profitable future. As part of an already recognised brand the process of setting up a franchise is made so much easier, a profitable and sustainable business formula has already been tried and tested. Ark Recycling is looking for franchise owners who have ambition to succeed, the ability to build and run a business, commitment to work and to its customers and a clean current HGV driving licence.

By becoming a franchise owner Ark Recycling will provide all required government and local authority licences, established customer base, national advertising, liveried vehicle, exclusive area rights with overriding commissions and good growth potential. These investment packages are available from €50,000 with the potential of joint venture agreements with state and semi-state bodies, local authorities or waste companies.