Adventure Alley: keeping Ireland's young people active

Irish Franchise Magazine spoke to Jim Osbourne: Company Director Lynne Byrne: Managing Director and James Osbourne: IT and promotions Director, to get the low-down on Irelands newest activity centre, which is leading the way in keeping young people active and healthy.

IFM: How was 2014 for your company?

AA: Jump lanes. We expanded operations by 300 per cent in 2014 and we expect massive further expansion in 2015.

IFM: What challenges have you faced?

AA: Our biggest problem is to find suitable premises at appropriate affordable rates.

IFM: What opportunities will open up in 2015?

AA: We are going overseas with our franchise and hope to open a number of new locations in UK in 2015.

IFM: How many locations do you have in Ireland?

AA: Currently we have three up and running and two more under construction.

IFM: What level of expansion do you anticipate in 2015; nationally and/or internationally?

AA: We hope to expand by at least 300 per cent in 2015.

IFM: What are your expansion plans for 2015?

AA: Yes, in the UK and China for February, with other locations in Europe to follow later in the year.

IFM: What is unique about your business in comparison to other companies in the same industry?

AA: Our product is Freelane Open Trampolines, which offer a much safer and more enjoyable experience to the user.

IFM: Why you think the youth segment is seeing a rise in the franchise fitness industry?

AA: I believe this is because it appeals to a very wide age group from six years upwards.

IFM: What are your company goals for 2015 in relation to franchising or other?

AA: To establish as many new franchises as is possible and move away from operating our own parks.

IFM: Why did you decide on the franchise model for your business?

AA: We established jump lanes with the prospect of expanding our product internationally, as we feel that we have the best possible design and can provide a service second to none in this industry.