About Magazines has launched its franchise opportunity and is now actively looking for franchise owners to own territories across the country.

About Magazines Ltd is a wholly owned Irish business that gives franchise owners the opportunity to own and publish a high quality local magazine serving their local community.

About Magazines franchise owners provide advertisers and local communities a platform to offer products and services for sale, and to communicate with the population at a local level.

The company was founded in 2004 by Fiona Tuorney, who left her full-time job so she could work more flexible hours, but still earn a decent income and enjoy a rewarding career.

Tuorney said: “At that time I saw a tremendous need to highlight local business and the positive attributes of the community in which my family lived. My first magazine, About Ballinteer, started with purpose and grew into a successful chain of four magazines. I received my greatest personal satisfaction from the positive impact my magazines have had on the communities they serve. I truly wish that everyone who takes the About Magazines path to becoming a community owner finds their career choice as rewarding and enriching as I have found it.”

About Magazines is looking for people to own franchises who have great communication skills, as they will need to sell, relate to local businesses and local people and will need to network within their area. Candidates will also need energy, drive and the commitment to build a thriving business.